The experience was fantastic, the gentleman who drove us to the port the day we left really stood out as have exemplary customer service skills.【Guest rating:100/100】

Thank you for your compliments about our transportation staff. We hop... more

The yukata was beautiful. And everyone was so wonderful. Even though the food was a little disappointing, everyone’s kindness and generosity made up for it. Next time I hope to stay longer!【Guest rating:95/100】

Thank you for visiting our hotel. We are pleased that you praised our... more

I was very impressed with the way your staff reacted when my bike had a flat tyre. I had to catch a ferry to Teshima with little time but I managed to catch it because i was quickly transferred to the port area. Consequently i had a wonderful few hours at Teshima which I otherwise would have missed.【Guest rating:100/100】

We are glad you made it in time for the ferry. We are also happy that... more

Very beautiful ryokan, excellent food and service. The grounds outside surrounding the ryokan could use maintenance.【Guest rating:99/100】

Thank you for staying with us. All of us are very happy to hear that ... more

Loved the sushi bar w sake pairing and the herb liquors. The friendly and caring service.【Guest rating:100/100】

We are very pleased that you enjoyed our sushi and sake. Thank you al... more

The food and sake pairing was exquisite!【Guest rating:99/100】

Thank you for visiting Naoshima Ryokan Roka! We are very pleased th... more

Everything was lovely. After living in Japan 20 years and having the opportunity to stay at many ryokans around Japan, I was impressed that the international staff brought the same generous, warm, welcoming style we have come to expect and cherish. We felt very taken care of by every one of the staff, who went above and beyond on several occasions. 【Guest rating:85/100】

Thank you for your kind feedback. Our foreign staff at our hotel al... more

The suite is extremely nice, the outdoor bath with screen is great and the room is simple but elegant 【Guest rating:90/100】

Thank you for enjoying our open-air baths and guest rooms. Our guest ... more

Everything was perfect. Thank you.【Guest rating:100/100】

Thank you for choosing our hotel. All of our staff is very pleased ... more

I think the only reason I gave “good” for amenities is the lack of laundry service, but otherwise it was excellent.【Guest rating:99/100】

Thank you for visiting our hotel. We are very pleased with your compl... more


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