Part 5 Featured Artist, Atsuki Fujimoto, will start to exhibit and sell his works!

We are pleased to announce the opening of the fifth exhibition by Featured Artists Atsuki Fujimoto and Kiyohito Chibana. The exhibition will be held in two locations, the guest room and cafe moya. The theme of the exhibition is “Flowers and Vessels”. Flowers arranged in vases create a peaceful atmosphere in the guest rooms. Kiyohito Chihana’s yachimun, which is a continuation of folk art pottery that finds beauty in daily life and incorporates modern changes, will be on display at Cafe moya. The collaboration exhibition of these two artists will be on view at Cafe moya. Please take this opportunity to visit the exhibition.

Works on display in the guest room (Atsuki Fujimoto)












Statement by Astuki Fujimoto

Using nature such as flowers and forests, and places of tranquility such as temples and shrines as motifs, I paint paintings that evoke the warm rays of the sun and the feel of a soft breeze.
In this case, the room was in a ryokan (Japanese inn), so I painted flowers arranged in a vase with the hope that they would soothe the fatigue of the traveler and allow the gentle air to flow in the room.
Some of the painted flowers are carved out of the painting cloth to resemble flower petals.
In contrast to paintings, which essentially create a false space, this work creates a painting space with a physical back and forth and perspective, as if the paintings exist as objects in an actual space without a lie.
The fine linen fabric used for the canvas creates a fine passage of air in the underlying fabric itself, which expands the space behind and to the left and right of the picture plane.
I hope you will enjoy the experience of viewing the work in front of it with a peaceful atmosphere.

Atsuki Fujimoto Instagram

Cafe moya exhibit works by Astuki Fujimoto and Chibana Kiyohito

Collaboration exhibition by Astuki Fujimoto and Chibana Kiyohito

Chibana Kiyohito’s exhibition at cafe moya

Statement by Kiyohito Chibaya

I am pleased to be exhibiting with painter Astuki Fujimoto as a “FEATURED Artist”.
Mingei (folk art) was born out of the Japanese people’s desire and disposition to cherish and carefully spend “Hare” and “Ke”, the mundane and mundane. Mingei pottery, which finds beauty in daily life, has been inherited by the Japanese people, and is now being transformed into a modern form. This time, I painted a flower, which I share with Mr. Fujimoto, in a mingei style.
I hope that by viewing my work and Mr. Fujimoto’s paintings at “ROKA,” you will experience Japan from a richer perspective. I hope you will enjoy looking at and touching the pottery.

Kiyohito Chibana(Yukutaya Kiln)Instagram

●Exhibition Period: April 23, 2024 – September 9, 2024 until 11:00 a.m.

●How to purchase: Click here to apply.

Kiyohito Chibana’s works will be sold only at the Roka store.

All exhibited works will be sold immediately. Please note that the works will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note that the works will be delivered after the exhibition ends on September 9, 2024.

Packing and shipping fees for shipping will be charged separately.


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