In Japan, February 3rd is an event called “Setsubun”. We decorated “HIIRAGI IWASHI” at the entrance to welcome everyone. This is a holly branch with a roasted sardine head stuck in it, and is decorated at the entrance as a traditional custom for Setsubun.

HIIRAGI IWASHI is generally displayed at the entrance, which is said to be to prevent ogres from entering the house by decorating the entrance with HIIRAGI IWASHI, which ogres hate. It is said that ogres dislike the smell of sardines and the sharp and painful shape of holly leaves, so they are decorated to prevent ogres from coming in. Hanging in the center is a red pepper, meaning red to ward off evil.

In the past, it was believed that all bad things, such as illness and disasters, were the work of demons. “Setsubun” is considered to be an event to drive out the bad things that are the ogres, by throwing beans and other ingredients with the wish to “stay healthy throughout the year”.

We wish a healthy year to everyone who comes to ROKA and everyone who cares about us, and we will continue to strive for hospitality today.


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