1. CEO Sasaki Shintaro is the data controller for all the personal information (personal data) that you submit.
  2. We store and manage your personal data on an independent computer system which is not connected to any other servers. A security software installed and the passwords set for each and every action protect your personal data and prevent it from being copied.
  3. We will neither provide nor disclose your personal data to unauthorised third parties unless we are required by law or such a need arises to safeguard our rights and assets.
  4. We may send you some information by email which we believe to be beneficial to you. You can send us a request for stopping the service at any time.
  5. We will promptly respond to any request for checking and correcting your personal data that we hold for any valid reason.
  6. We comply with the law and any other obligations applied to protecting the personal data we hold and manage. We will also regularly audit our privacy protection practices and strive to improve them.

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