Spa in ROKA “Blue”

Ultimate body care (shiatsu) by “Ao” who was active as a popular chiropractor in Paris for 10 years in France.
Re-inject energy on Naoshima, the island of art.


Hot spring footbath & totalbody care (stretching・Japanese SHIATSU)
Hot spring footbath (10min) → body care (60min)
70min ¥12,000

Hot spring footbath & reflexology (foot oil care)
Hot spring footbath (10min) → reflexology (40min)
50min ¥8,000

Quick body care (simple spot Japanese SHIATSU)
Personal body care (30min)
30min ¥6,000

【Authentic Japanese SHIATSU】
Techniques are returning the body back to it’s original state.
Much more than a typical massage, this specific technique, which concentrates on Japanese ancient traditions and wisdom of Oriental medicine, is a modern day solution to your daily-stress inflicted and exhausted body.
Please note that we do not provide sexual services to customers.


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