The meals will be served in Restaurant En. Feel free to come in your yukata or the inner garments provided in your room.

* Please let us know of any dietary requirements you may have at the time of booking.
* If you are staying with us for more than one night, rest assured your dinner menu will be different for the second night.

elect either "Sushi kaiseki course" or "Seasonal kaiseki course"
Starting between 18:30・19:00・19:30
*Only for guests* One group will be served the same course meal. We hope for your understanding.
Select either "Japanese breakfast" or "Western breakfast"
Starting between 8:00-9:00

Restaurant EN is not open for lunch. The attached bar is open to non-staying guests.


Sushi kaiseki course (bookings up to 9 people only)

The menu changes monthly as we prepare the dishes using the best catch from the Seto Inland Sea. We take bookings for only up to 9 people for this particular sushi kaiseki course meal.
appetiser/original sushi/soup dish/traditional sushi/simmered dish/seasonal sushi/main dish-rare local delicacy/meat sushi/Japanese omelette/rolled sushi/vegetable miso soup served with rice/dessert

Seasonal kaiseki course

The kaiseki course meal features local fish from the Seto Inland Sea and the menu changes monthly. Each dish is prepared with creativity and painstaking care.
appetiser/soup or simmered dish/second course-assortment of seasonal vegetable and fish dishes/ main dish-rare local delicacy/deep-fried dish/grilled dish/vinegared dish/vegetable miso soup served with rice/dessert


Japanese-style breakfast

Traditional Japanese breakfast consists of rice freshly cooked in an earthen pot along with grilled fish and miso soup.

Western-style breakfast

American-style breakfast served with ham and sausage, an egg dish and soup. Your choice of hot drink (coffee or black tea) is offered after the meal.

Drink menu

We offer a variety of drinks ranging from wine, sake to our original herbal cocktail to go with your meal. Feel free to approach one of our staff for recommendations.


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