Becoming the inn that contributes to a sustainable society


ClothingWe work together with local producers in neighbouring prefectures facing the Seto Inland Sea. For example, our inner garments for the guests and the staff uniforms as well as the towels are produced in Kojima, Okayama and Imabari, Ehime, respectively. The material itself is 100 % organic cotton being mindful of both our health and of making minimum impact on the environment.


FoodBy featuring the local fish from the Seto Inland Sea and vegetables and fruit grown in our own garden, we cut down the food mileage as much as possible. No additives are used in any aspects of the food preparation in consideration for our health and to bring out the natural flavours of the ingredients.


Stay/spaceFor both our accommodation wings and the gardens, we have sourced traditional Japanese building materials from the local areas wherever we can. Local cedar and cyprus for the buildings, handmade washi paper from Kyoto, local soil for the earthen walls and the local Naoshima-Mikage and Kagawa-Aji stones for the stepping stones are some of the examples.

The grounds and beyond

The grounds and beyondOne of our outdoor projects is to recreate a scenery of a hamlet that once existed in the past. Towards this end, we have been investing our time and energy to look after the woods behind the property and to transform a piece of land into a vegetable patch. We grow our own vegetables by natural farming, which provide our restaurant and café nearly all year round.

Reducing the use of energy We have fitted LED lights that use less energy.
Paper-less campaign We do things digitally and operate without paper in our office to the best of our ability. We ask our guests to use up the toilet paper and provide recycled paper.
Less plastic To reduce the use of plastic leading to further damage of our planet, we do not give out plastic straws and individually wrapped one-time-use-only cosmetic items. We provide amenity items without plastic wrapping.

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