Very beautiful ryokan, excellent food and service. The grounds outside surrounding the ryokan could use maintenance.【Guest rating:99/100】

Thank you for staying with us.
All of us are very happy to hear that you enjoyed your stay with us.

Outside of Ryokan is currently working on a project to revive the original Japanese landscape.
An outline of the project is as follows

Recreating a hamlet on the hill

The hill behind the accommodation wing which you can view from the open-air bath in each suite is the site of an ongoing project led by Ryota Hagihara, a flower arrangement expert, to recreate hamlet-like scenery that once existed in the Japan of the past. Based on the concept of “beauty resides where people live,” we have planted the types of fruit trees that used to cover the land and grow vegetables inspired by a natural farming method. The whole area designated to the project has become an art installation in itself created with the natural resources that will eventually return to the earth. The produce cultivated here is nutritious and has rich and distinctive flavours. By offering dishes prepared with our own produce straight from our garden at our restaurant En, we aim to be part of the life-cycle nurtured by the land while being a harmonious element in the scenery of the traditional hamlet we are trying to recreate.


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