2024.07.10 Mexico/Ms.F

It would be awsome for the guests to be able to choose their own food.【Guest rating:90/100】

Thank you for your stay.
At our ryokan, you can choose between a sushi course or kaiseki course for dinner and Japanese or Western breakfast.
We are very pleased that you enjoyed your stay.

2024.07.01 USA/Mr.R

Thank you for everything, we had the time of our lives staying at the hotel, every staff member was incredible, we can’t thank you enough, all the details were amazing 【Guest rating:100/100】

Thank you for your compliments about our Ryokan and staff.
Our entire staff is very happy to have been able to assist you in your journey.
Please come back and visit us again!

2024.06.16 Australia/Mr.M

Everything was wonderful, we would love to come back. My only suggestion would a bigger selection of healthy snacks for when you first check in. 【Guest rating:99/100】

Thank you very much for your compliments about our hotel.
Our entire staff is very pleased.
Thank you also for your valuable feedback.
Please come visit us again sometime in Naoshima and Roka.

2024.06.12 UK/Mr.S

Would have been nice to know that there were bikes to rent- we only found out too late!【Guest rating:85/100】

Thank you for visiting Roka.
We apologize for the lack of sufficient information about the rental bikes.
Please check our official website, Instagram, and Facebook for details on bike rental.

2024.06.08 France/Ms.C

Shiatsu was amazing! Atmosphere around the ryokan super peace! Location perfect! And all the staff very nice and efficient【Guest rating:100/100】

Thank you for taking the time to compliment our services and facilities.
The entire staff will continue to make every effort to satisfy our guests.
Please come back and visit us again!

2024.06.05 USA/Mr.L

I think the experience could be improved if more foyer staff were English speaking or well versed in using Google translate. Communication was difficult. 【Guest rating:90/100】

Thank you for staying at our ryokan.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
We have several English-speaking foreign staff members at our ryokan.
Our Japanese staff is also working hard to improve their English language skills, and we will do our best to make them even more fluent in the future.

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