Everything was great, although the bath was too hot.【Guest rating:90/100】

Thank you for your compliments about our hotel. We apologize for the ... more

The staff was incredible and spoke good English. MJ super staff!! These are just comments: We arrived in the afternoon and there was little space for massage booking! If we would have known before about the available services, we would have booked them. The mattress were too hard. 【Guest rating:100/100】

Thank you for your compliments about our staff. We also apologize for... more

Our stay was absolutely perfect. We just wish it could have been longer! The grounds and rooms were beautiful.The food and service impeccable. Thank you so much. We will recommend many friends to you and hope to stay with you again in the future!【Guest rating:100/100】

Thank you for visiting our hotel. We are very happy to hear that our ... more

Everything was amazing. All of the staff were absolutely lovely, including the shuttle bus driver, and over the phone also. They were warm, friendly and helpful. I also liked that the dinner meals came out one-by-one with very minimal wait time. The chopsticks as a keepsake is a lovely idea. The food was amazing and it was very refreshing to have vegetarian options with varied dishes. I particularly want to highlight the staff member who took me to my room. She did a great job of explaining everything in my room to me, but I particularly appreciated that she let me know that the area behind the room is private property so I don’t have to worry about my privacy when showering etc. As a young female solo traveller I really appreciated this. In my 2 months of travel through Japan this was the only time a hotel staff member assured me of this :) Thank you. I will visit again! 【Guest rating:100/100】

Thank you very much for your kind words. The entire staff will contin... more

Everything was good. I especially liked the breakfast rice cooked in a pot!【Guest rating:100/100】

We are very happy to hear that you are satisfied with our service. Th... more

I loved the kindness of the staff. You have special people like MJ and the other drivers. Sushika was a lovely waitress who really helped us during the dinner with her good service. The manager was kind to us and tried her best to accommodate for our meals. 【Guest rating:100/100】

Thank you for visiting Rosaka. Thank you also for your compliments on... more

Customer service was amazing!【Guest rating:98/100】

Thank you for taking the time to compliment our services. All of us a... more

Our staying was absolutely satisfying the room was comfortable but I only signal that there were stains on the sofa and the cardboard of our room … this is not suitable for an high standard ryokan as Roka !【Guest rating:95/100】

Thank you for visiting our hotel. We apologize for the inconvenienc... more

I would like to come back and visit and stay at yours.【Guest rating:98/100】

Thank you for staying at our hotel. We are very happy to hear that yo... more

Beds and pillows amazing!【Guest rating:90/100】

Thank you for your compliments on our beds and pillows. We hope you... more


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